Allen Krughoff is an outdoor and adventure filmmaker and photographer based in Boulder, Colorado.

A father, husband, and former pro cyclocross athlete, he transitioned to full-time freelance in 2008, specializing in on-location production.
He brings a wealth of knowledge from the outdoor industry through years of experience as a professional athlete and team owner, and a problem-solving attitude combined with a degree in marketing.

Available locally or abroad

Section 107 Commercial Drone Licensed and insured


RED v-Raptor, Canon C70, canon r5
Angenieux ez-1, Zeiss otus primes, canon rf series
DJI Inspire 2 dual operator, Mavic 3 Cine
Sanken cos-11d lav, cs-3e shotgun, sony wireless, sound devices mix pre-3 ii
Vehicle camera platforms
GMC Canyon Truck rig, Tilta arm, ronin 2
CAKE OSA+ electric moto, Tilta hydra, ronin Rs2
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